A cake smash is such a fun way to celebrate your babies 1st birthday!


You survived the sleepless nights and countless nasty nappies. You've adapted to be being a mummy or a daddy for one full year, so let’s be honest, you deserve a celebration where the only thing you have to do is show up looking amazing with your beautiful baby in your arms.

I will create a set-up for your little one, I'll make sure there's a cute outfit waiting and a delicious cake ready to be smashed. I'll even have a bubble bath ready so that your car doesn’t get all sticky and messy on the way home.

And after all the smashing and splashing – I clean up the mess!

So what's a cake smash all about?


Well, it's a bit like baby sensory, but rather than playing with paints and play dough, they're presented with a tasty but very messy birthday cake.

Some babies get stuck in straight away, while others are a bit more gentle and delicately nibble their way through. Either way you'll love seeing their wee personalities shining through when that yummy birthday cake is placed in front of them.

For me the end result of a cake smash session is for you and your baby to have had a fantastic time celebrating the first of many birthdays. We'll sing, play and generally just having lots of fun, plus I capture all of your babies smiles and excitement on camera so you have beautiful photos to treasure forever.

What should I expect from my session?

Many clients wonder what they can expect during their session, well I like to keep things super relaxed, pretty much like a really fun play date allowing you to enjoy the experience & treasure the images.

When you arrive we can have a chat and get to know each other a little. I’ll advise you of roughly how long you can expect your session to take, however there is never any rush & always plenty of time to keep you & your little one feeling comfortable. If siblings are joining us please don’t worry about high spirits follow my lead & they’ll do great.

The session is split into three different parts. We start with a mini portrait session in a favourite outfit you will have brought with you. Then the playtime begins where your baby can take their pick from all the beautiful wooden toys I have in my studio. While I snap away, capturing every giggle and smile. During this part of the photoshoot I am more than happy to include parent and sibling photos so think carefully about what you will all wear.

Then out comes the cake, which is so much fun and very messy for everyone involved. Plus with something this delicious we don't want any wastage, so I box up what your baby hasn't gobbled so that you can take it home with you for a wee cup of tea later on.

The grand finale is a splash in my mini roll top bath. Babies always love this bit and we get some fantastic photos while they splash about with rubber duckies and bubbles.

After the session is complete approximately two weeks later your images will be available to view on an online gallery. Once you're happy with everything, about a week after that you will receive your USB by post. You may place orders for additional products at any time however payment will be due prior to the order being placed and then around three weeks later art work will be ready to collect & hang in your home.

What should I bring with me?

I provide everything you need for the photoshoot but I would always be prepared for baby needing a little drink and snack, something other than sugar.

It can be messy so if you're planning on doing anything afterwards maybe a change of clothes for you and baby. I will have lots of towels you can use to protect yourself but sometimes no matter how careful you are that messy cake still manages to get everywhere.

What is the best age for a baby to come for a cake smash?

It depends on whether you would like the images for your wee ones actual birthday or whether you would like to make it part of the celebrating the day. If you would like the images to share on your babies birthday then I would suggest booking in at least two weeks before.

What if my baby cries?

Babies are babies and they will cry. I will do everything I can to soothe and comfort them and make them feel as comfortable as possible. As a mother myself I have been there and wore the t-shirt and have picked up a few tips and techniques along the way but please don't worry I've never been beaten so far.

What if we cannot get any great baby photos?

I have a very successful record for being able to provide a wide variety of images even with the fussiest of babies. I will do everything I can to achieve this with your little one however I strongly believe in baby led sessions so if it becomes clear that photographing the wee one is not possible and is becoming upset then i am happy to rearrange another date. We all have our off days! If this ends up being the case and a new cake has to be purchased then I will let you know the additional costs.

How many digital images are provided?

For cake smash sessions between 50-200 images can easily be taken. This seems a lot however I will whittle your session images down by deleting any duplicates or blurry images and editing the remaining and a minimum of 25 images will be delivered firstly via an online gallery and then once you are happy with everything you will receive a beautiful customised USB via the royal mail.

Is there retouching  included? My baby has acne and my toddler has a scratch on their nose?

Yes. I am happy to edit skin blemishes, scratches or sports that aren't usually there.

Can we include parent poses, our other children and our pet?

Yes, I am happy to photograph your immediate family, in fact I encourage families to get involved. Unfortunately I cannot include animals within cake smash session due to food being involved.

What do we wear?

I will provide a little outfit for you baby during the messy fun part however for the rest of the family simple, mid-tone clothing is best, cream, white, soft pink or even light grey.

Have a think about your hair and makeup. There's no need to go overboard here, but a little special touch here and there can go a long way in creating stunning portraits.

Your hands may end up in shots so remember to remove any chipped nail varnish from yourself and any other member of the family.

For daddies, I suggest a pair of jeans with a plain white or tan/oatmeal t-shirt or a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and untucked.

Please avoid any busy patterned clothing with logos or designs as we want the focus of your portrait to be on your little baby.

What should I bring?

Handy items to have with you for any session:

If the wee one has a dummy, please bring it along just incase.

Wipes & or tissues (I do keep tissues, muslins and sensitive water wipes in stock for emergencies)

Spare Nappies

Extra bottles if bottle feeding

Comfy clothes for baby to travel in

Spare clothes for you both as accidents happen

For older siblings, something to entertain them, water, juice or milk & a snack (dry foods are better than messy chocolate).

How quickly can I see the images?

Images are generally ready to see via an online, password protected gallery within two weeks of your session. I am always happy to rush an image or two when needed for an event or if you are happy to have a preview via social media please let me know and this can be done within 24 hours.

Lastly I'd like you to be nice and relaxed during your session as children generally respond to your energy and therefore the more relaxed and comfortable you are the chances are your baby will feel the same. So if there is anything at all you would like to discuss to put your mind at ease please give me a call and I'll be only to happy help.