If you are reading this, you are likely either expecting a little miracle or they have already arrived and you are currently smitten and unable to take your eyes off them. Either way, thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website at this beautiful time in your lives.

My approach to newborn sessions has grown and changed over time, as I have grown in confidence as a mum and a photographer. For me, those priceless moments are the natural, 'unposed' ones, capturing babies movements, expressions and the tiny details that make them who they are. I always follow babies lead, capturing natural moments that remind us of how small they once were.


Where does the photoshoot take place?


Newborn sessions take place in my cosy little home studio in East Kilbride and are super relaxed so both baby and parents are happy. Within my studio I have access to all my props, lighting and can control the temperature so it is pleasantly warm for baby (normally around 28°). With the use of white noise and a heated area for the baby to lie on, this allows for a relaxing atmosphere and helps make the photoshoot go smoothly.



Whats the best age for a baby to come for a newborn photoshoot?


Sessions usually take place in the first 14 days of your little one being born, preferably between days 5-10. This is the time when babies are still curly and sleepy and a magical moment to capture those little details. Babies personalities grow day by day and so if your little one is a bit older than this, then please don't worry that is absolutely fine with me, they are perfect at any age. However please bear in mind that after 14 days, if you baby is going to be troubled by colic, baby acne or any other issue then this is when it is most likely to start affecting them.  They also may more alert and stay awake longer therefor making the session a bit more challenging. This doesn't make it impossible just may require a bit more time and patience so please bear this in mind.



What happens once we have decided to book in for a session?


On booking the session, I simply pop your due date in my diary, send over a little questionnaire and simply ask that you contact me in the first couple of days of babies arrival to set an actual date for the session. If he/she has already arrived, I will contact you straight away with a selection of the next available dates.

I do limit the amount of sessions that I book in each month, to ensure that I can stay flexible and have availability to photograph your little one in the very early days. I suggest booking following your 20wk scan to make sure his isn't an issue. Or if like me, when I had my little one, you had never even considered a newborn photography session before their births, do feel free to contact me straight away and I will happily check my diary.

Within 2 weeks of the session, your images will be fully edited and ready for viewing in your own personal online gallery, which I will send you a link to via email, along with your personal password. All images are high resolution and ready for downloading and ready to print straight away however once you are happy I will send a copy of all digital images on my beautiful customised USB.  There will include a colour copy and a black & white copy.



What can I expect from my newborn photoshoot?


During our time together I'll photograph every detail of your baby and capture the beautiful bond that is beginning to develop between your baby and all members of your family.

When you arrive I'll undress and wrap your baby in a swaddling blanket to keep them comfortable. Whilst I understand that it's very exciting to buy beautiful clothes for your precious one, newborn clothes rarely fit well and fail to show the delicateness of every detail that is your new baby. For this reason I use a selection of newborn wraps rather than actual clothes.

I allow up to 3 hours for the session which allows plenty of time for changing, feeding and settling baby. It won't always take that long however be prepared just incase.



Is there retouching included? My baby has acne and my toddler has a scratch on their nose?


Yes. I am happy to edit skin blemishes, scratches or sports that aren't usually there. Please let me know if anyone has any birthmarks so I know to leave them as they are. Sometimes during editing it can be difficult to distinguish between a temporary red mark and birthmark if I am not made aware.



Can we include parent poses, our other children and our pet?


Yes, of course, siblings are more than welcome, however it's a good idea to bring them some form of entertainment and snack/lunch as sessions are very warm and quite dull for little ones. If you can have someone on standby to take the wee one out then this can leave you and your new little one time to yourselves but its not a problem from them to stay.

We love animals so if you would like to include your family pet them please let me know and we can discuss this when booking.



How should I prepare for my newborn session?


The best way to prepare the baby for a photo session is to stick to your normal routine. Getting yourself and a newborn out of the house is hard enough so keep everything as normal as possible and once you arrive at the studio if baby does need fed or changed we can deal with it then. Once we start please feel free to change, feed or just give your baby a cuddle at anytime during the photo shoot if the little one or you need it.



What if my baby cries?


Babies are babies and they will cry. I will do everything I can to soothe and comfort them and make them feel as comfortable as possible. As a mother myself I have been there and wore the t-shirt and have picked up a few tips and techniques along the way but please don't worry I've never been beaten so far.



What if we cannot get any great baby photos?


I have a very successful record for being able to provide a wide variety of images even with the fussiest of babies. I will do everything I can to achieve this with your little one however I strongly believe in baby led sessions so if it becomes clear that photographing the wee one is not possible and is becoming upset then i am happy to rearrange another date. We all have our off days!



What should I bring?


Handy items to have with you for any session:

If the wee one has a dummy, please bring it along just incase.

Wipes & or tissues (I do keep tissues, muslins and sensitive water wipes in stock for emergencies)

Spare Nappies

Extra bottles if bottle feeding

Comfy clothes for baby to travel in

Spare clothes for you both as accidents happen

For older siblings, something to entertain them, water, juice or milk & a snack (dry foods are better than messy chocolate).



What should we wear?


Bring baby in a simple front fastening plain baby grow that easily removed and for the rest of the family simple, mid-tone clothing is best, cream, white, soft pink or even light grey.

For mum simple white or pastel coloured dress looks beautiful but after what you have been through the most important thing is to be comfortable.

Do have a think about your hair and makeup. There's no need to go overboard here, but a little special touch here and there can go a long way in creating stunning portraits.

I will occasionally photograph baby in your hands so remember to remove any chipped nail varnish from yourself and any other member of the family.

For Daddies, I suggest a pair of beige trousers or light denim jeans with a plain white or tan/oatmeal t-shirt or a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and untucked.

If daddy is prepared to go topless in one shot the result can be incredibly beautiful and is a very powerful image. There is no pressure though!

For young siblings I suggest wearing a simple white vest, top or t-shirt paired with light denim jeans or beige trousers for boys or white/light coloured dress or top for girls.

Older siblings could choose from the following:

plain white t-shirt

neutral, light, floaty, dress

Please avoid any busy patterned clothing with logos or designs as we want the focus of your portrait to be on your little baby.



How quickly can I see the images?


Images are generally ready to see via an online, password protected gallery within two weeks of your session. I am always happy to rush an image or two when needed for an event or if you are happy to have a preview via social media please let me know and this can be done within 24 hours.



How many digital images are provided?


For newborn sessions between 50-200 images can easily be taken. This seems a lot however I will whittle your session images down by deleting any duplicates or blurry images and editing the remaining and a minimum of 25 images will be delivered firstly via an online gallery and then once you are happy with everything you will receive a beautiful customised USB via the royal mail.


Lastly I'd like you to be nice and relaxed during your session as children generally respond to your energy and therefore the more relaxed and comfortable you are the chances are your baby will feel the same. So if there is anything at all you would like to discuss to put your mind at ease please give me a call and I'll be only to happy help.



I'd love to hear from you!



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